AED Letter

Automated External Defibrillators

The School District of Washington has an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in every school building. The AED is housed in a white cabinet with a sign above or below identifying it as an AED. Please familiarize yourself with the location of the AED upon entering the building. Please see the list below for AED locations.

The protocol and procedures for use of the AED are located in the AED cabinet. An alarm will sound when the AED cabinet is opened. The key to shut off the alarm is located on the AED bag. Be sure to have someone call 911 immediately.

The authorized group using district facilities knowingly assume any responsibility in the use of the AED. It is the responsibility of the authorized group to have trained individuals use the AED. Untrained users of the device will not be covered under the immunity provision of Section 192.092 RSMO but may qualify for immunity under Section 537.037 RSMO ('Good Samaritan Act').

Click here to download the AED letter. It must be signed and submitted with the facility use application.

AED Locations

School Location
Augusta Elementary Inside gym doors on left wall
Campbellton Elementary Left wall outside gym, across from office
Clearview Elementary Right wall outside gym doors, across from office
Early Learning Center
Enter main entrance, turn right down hall. On right by nurse's office.
Labadie Elementary Left wall inside foyer of school by gym doors
Marthasville Elementary Right wall outside gym doors, by office
South Point Elementary
Left wall outside gym doors.
Washington West Elementary Inside main entrance to left, short wall before office doors
Washington Middle School Right wall above drinking fountain between restroom doors in cafeteria, across from gym doors
Washington High School Outside of Assistant Principals', Activities Director's office near Northington Lobby.
Washington High School - West Wing Inside front door on right
Four Rivers Career Center Main hall 60 feet down on right