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What's Happening in the Challenge Classroom?

Sixth Grade

The Sixth grade students are involved with a unit on the Economy and the Stock Market. Each week the kids buy and sell stocks listed on the NYSE. They record their transactions and calculate their gains and losses. The Federal Reserve (Mrs. Bobo and Mrs. Burke) controls the money supply in the Challenge classroom. A classroom auction loosely simulates supply and demand, wants and needs, a budget and smart buying. The objective is that the students are exposed to discussions about the choices we make as consumers, interpret their personal choices and analyze the factors which influence the economy.

In the PLTW unit Infection: Modeling and Simulation, students have discovered that computers have the ability to process a lot of information very quickly. While investigating models and simulations, students explore by following rules of a given model then program their own models and collect data by running simulations with different parameters.

Fifth Grade

Fifth graders are exploring the transmission of infection, agents of disease, and mechanisms the body uses to stay healthy in a PLTW module called Infection: Detection. Experiments will be conducted relating to limiting the spread of germs and appropriate prevention methods.

Students are also using Spacial Reasoning and 3-D Problem Solving to draw, build, visualize and evaluate shapes created with blocks. Activities provided extend students' thinking by providing challenges which help them to generalize and draw inferences while conducting higher order thinking and problem solving.

Fourth Grade

In the PLTW unit Energy: Collisions students explore how machines change energy and how energy is transferred, while discovering ways potential energy can be stored and released as kinetic energy. Students build a car and design a restraint system to protect the passenger in a crash.

Fourth graders are also discussing life in the Middle Ages. Throughout the unit we will investigate food and clothing, castles, feudalism, knighthood, and more!

Third Grade

In a unit on Ecology, third graders learn an appreciation of all living creatures, respect for the Earth and an awareness that all organisms depend on each other.

Students are also learning about the Variation of Traits in living things. In this PLTW unit, students explore the phenomena that offspring may express different traits than parents. We discuss dominant and recessive genes and use Punnett Squares to predict inheritance patterns in plants.

Kindergarten, First and Second Grade

Kindergarten, first and second grade students are learning to combine math and computers in the PLTW module Grids and Games. Students work with a group to design, develop, and create working computer programs and games.

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Elementary Challenge Curriculum

Curriculum for the Elementary Challenge Program is sequential, mindfully connected and expressed throughout the system. Options provided by the program have links to general curriculum, as well as ...more

Weekly Schedule

Monday- Sixth Grade
Tuesday- Fifth Grade
Wednesday- Fourth Grade
Thursday- Third Grade
Friday- K, First Grade, Second Grade

Elementary Challenge Structure

Challenge program eligible students meet once a week with other identified students according to their grade level or a range of grades which are consistent with the individual's current grade level ...more