TLC Chili Cook Off

Paula Mueller Wins School District of Washington's TLC Chili Cook-Off
Posted on 10/19/2018
TLC Chili Cook-OffPaula Mueller, Network and PC Technician for the School District of Washington, was the winner of the Fourth Annual TLC (Technology and Learning Center) Chili Cook-Off, which took place on Friday, Oct. 19.

Members of the School District of Washington’s technology staff were the contestants, bringing in a homemade double-batch of chili. No canned or pre-made chili was allowed.

Warehouse and District Office staff from the School District of Washington were invited to the TLC to serve as the judges for the event. Each staff member received a poker chip and after sampling each entry, placed their chip in a cup representing their favorite pot of chili.

Mueller’s chili received the most poker chips was crowned the Chili Champion. She will hold the prestigious Chili Trophy until next year’s competition.

Following the voting, judges had the opportunity to enjoy a bowl (or multiple bowls) of chili with all of the fixings.

TLC Chili Cook-Off
Paula Mueller is awarded the Chili Trophy from Chili Cook-Off Organizer Rob Landers after winning the Fourth Annual Technology and Learning Center Chili Cook-Off.