Parent Choice E-Learning


Parent Choice E-Learning Update (August 21, 2020)

Due to the large number of responses from SDOW parents registering their students for Parent Choice E-learning from Home, we have pivoted in order to provide the best experience possible for our E-learning students.

We are excited to have the opportunity to utilize a variety of educational platforms to deliver instruction to our students through trusted vendors. Our vendors offer courses that include quality instruction, practice, and assessment. All instruction will be delivered within the platforms and the curriculum is aligned with state and national standards for each grade level.

We are happy to provide platforms that allow students some flexibility. Students can choose to work on their courses at any time of the day. They can follow a structured/regular schedule if that is what their family desires, or a schedule that best fits their needs. Students will be expected to finish all of their classes by the end of the semester and they can finish early (though they will not be allowed to move on if they do finish early).

Students will work toward daily goals and the mastery of those goals. Instruction and practice will adjust to account for student progress and proficiency. Students will be given a manageable amount of work, but they will benefit from a daily schedule that will allow for work to be completed in a timely manner.

The district will provide a teacher to monitor student progress. This teacher will regularly communicate progress and hold students to a pace that will allow them to finish their classes by the end of the semester. This teacher will be available for questions and help as needed, but the actual instruction and assignments will be provided within the vendor platform.

We understand that this is a new way to learn for many of our students and their families and that there will be questions along the way. We appreciate your patience as we implement this pivot. Please continue to watch your email for updates.

Parent Choice: E-learning from Home Information

E-learning from Home Description: Student(s) participating in the newly designed E-learning from Home program will be taught remotely using a district provided tablet (Grades K-1) or Chromebook (Grades 2-12). Students will be taught Focus Standards (Priority Standards) using Acellus Educational platform supported by a certified SDOW teacher.

Due to the planning and organization of E-learning from Home and teacher assignments to both E-learning and face to face learners, students choosing to participate in E-learning from Home will be required to do so for the entire semester.

Questions have been coming in regarding whether students enrolled in the Parent Choice: E-Learning From Home program can participate in extra-curricular activities.

Although we ask parents and students to consider their reasoning for choosing to go exclusively online (Parent Choice: E-Learning from Home) as it relates to COVID-19 and determine if the same concerns materialize for them with extra-curricular activities, we will follow Board policy and the corresponding Administrative Procedure IGD-AP(3). The procedure states students may participate as long as:

1. Enrolling in, attending and completing the requisite number of courses required by MSHSAA and the district;

2. Earning adequate grades; and

3. Meeting MSHSAA and district eligibility requirements including, but not limited to, the requirements in procedure IGD-AP (3).

Students wishing to enroll in E-learning from Home must be a resident of the School District of Washington and already be enrolled in the district. If you are not enrolled, please visit for the enrollment process.

The E-learning from Home enrollment window is from July 21 - August 6, 2020. A second semester enrollment window will be established during the fall, if necessary.

Grades K-12 Student and Parent Expectations:

● Direct instruction:

○ Students and parents must complete the Video Conference Training, included in the Lumen Parent Portal, to participate in Zoom.

○ IEP services will be provided virtually. Scheduled one-on-one SLP/OT/PT services may take place at school upon request. Accommodations and modifications will be provided as per IEP.

● Work Completion/Submittal

○ Students must understand the rigor of E-learning from Home is equivalent to face to face instruction.

○ Students will be required to complete assignments and take assessments online through Acellus.

Additional Information:

● Attendance will be tracked by a combination of methods including course completion and virtual attendance seat time.

● Courses provided by approved external venders will be dependent on the number of students requesting E-learning from Home and the course being requested. Instructors in both external courses and SDOW provided courses will be certified to teach the course content.

● The SDOW will strive to provide all courses on a student’s current WMS/WHS schedule. Depending on the final number of students requesting E-learning from Home, some courses may or may not be offered. Counselors will contact students should a course be requested that is not offered.

● Students wishing to take the ACT will be allowed to do so on various Saturdays throughout the school year.

● Students will have access to school counselors for small group sessions and for career/college planning via Zoom.

● Students may resume extracurricular activities during second semester if he/she is enrolled in face to face instruction.

● Lunch balances can be refunded upon graduation or unenrollment from the SDOW.

● Parents are encouraged to check with their Internet providers for discounts.

Teacher Office Hours:

● Teachers will be available outside their direct instruction Zoom time within the hours of 8 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. to respond to questions and provide feedback on independent practice. While students may email teachers during the evening and early a.m. hours, a response should not be expected outside of the 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. time frame. After the registration window is closed, schedules will be provided and will be subject to revision.