Elementary Challenge FAQ

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What's Happening in the Challenge Classroom?

Sixth Grade

Sixth graders are connecting math to the real world using hands on open-ended investigations. In working with Fractals, Rubik's Cubes, the Fibonacci Sequence, spacial reasoning and more students find relationships and Patterns they never noticed before in their everyday world.

Fifth Grade

Students in the fifth grade Challenge class are developing a positive refection of themselves in a superhero persona. They must recognize their own strongest talents and characteristics and discuss values and passions as they create this "new" character. These Superheros will appear in stories and on posters in the classroom. A team action adventure will also be presented to the class.

Fourth Grade

Fourth graders are finding how a computer processor is similar to the human brain in the PLTW module Input/Output: Computer Systems. Students apply the knowledge and skills gained throughout the project based learning activities to build their own reaction time measurement device on tablets using Tynker (a visual programming platform).

Third Grade

Weather: Factors and Hazards is a PLTW module in which students explore, collect, and classify data related to three factors that affect weather: precipitation, temperature, and wind. The third graders are building working weather vanes and anemometers and are monitoring the daily weather. Different weather hazards will be explored from a scientific viewpoint.

First and Second Grade

First and second graders are exploring the relationship between Structure and Function in the Human Body. This PLTW module provides activities in which students examine major structures within the body and investigate function of those organs. Treatment of broken bones is discussed as well as ways to protect and keep healthy our amazing body.

Elementary Challenge Contacts
Michelle Bobo

Diane Burke

Challenge Calendar

2019-20 Challenge Calendar

Elementary Challenge Curriculum

Curriculum for the Elementary Challenge Program is sequential, mindfully connected and expressed throughout the system. Options provided by the program have links to general curriculum, as well as ...more

Weekly Schedule

Monday- Sixth Grade
Tuesday- Fifth Grade
Wednesday- Fourth Grade
Thursday- Third Grade
Friday- K, First Grade, Second Grade

Elementary Challenge Structure

Challenge program eligible students meet once a week with other identified students according to their grade level or a range of grades which are consistent with the individual's current grade level ...more