WMS Principal Advisory Team

Principal Advisory Team Formed at Washington Middle School
Posted on 10/17/2019
WMS Principal Advisory TeamWashington Middle School’s Principal Advisory Team has been formed for the 2019-20 school year.

The group will meet four times during the school year with WMS Principal Laura Bruckerhoff and Assistant Principal Stacey Secor and is comprised of both seventh- and eighth-grade students who were nominated by teachers to be part of the team.

The purpose of the group is to share thoughts and their feelings about being a student at Washington Middle School, including their opinions on lunch, classes, extracurricular activities, and social times with friends.

The entire middle school student body recently took a student survey to share their thoughts. The principal student advisory team reviewed the results of the survey during the first meeting.

The next meetings will be divided by seventh and eighth grades. They will review opportunities for students to be involved in school, pep assembly and social activity suggestions, and work to get an overall picture of what the students desire to make better at Washington Middle School.

Students on the Principal Advisory Team are as follows:

8 White
Claire Blackwood, Josh Gruber, Andrew Mateas, Mia Mahon and Lacy Monzyk

8 Blue
Erica Rich, Kaner Young, Cooper Tooley, Brooklyn Bowling, Shawn Tidwell and Cierra Murrell

8 Encore
Brady Kinser, Isaac Lough, Loren Warnecke, Taylor Steffens and Donovan Alu

8 Jay
Bobby Laughlin, Cheyanne Robinson and Gabby Copeland

7 White
Abi Elfrink, Owen Riegel, Gabriela Camacho, Ryan Williams and Olivia Ebenreck.

7 Blue
Keira Soos, James Keiser, Alec Pecka, Noah Terrell and Kaden Diekmann

7 Encore
Hazel Koper, Evann Dunn, Camille Junkin and Makenna Dodson

7 Jay
Abby Spence, Mason Theis and Trina Shea

WMS Principal Advisory Team
Washington Middle School Principal Advisory Team 2019-20