Coronavirus Update March 15, 2020

Message from Superintendent Dr. Lori VanLeer
Posted on 03/15/2020
SDOW LogoGood evening School District of Washington families and staff:

The concerns regarding the spread of the Coronavirus continue in Missouri and around the country. Today, many school districts in St. Louis County, Jefferson County, and St. Charles County announced their decision to close schools for an extended period of time.

Monday, March 16, the Franklin County school superintendents will be meeting with the health department to determine the next step for schools in our county. It is our desire to contain and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus (otherwise known as the Coronavirus) by whatever means necessary.

Thankfully, the School District of Washington is on spring break, however we have been planning in anticipation of a closure beyond the break here at home. We are thinking through timelines, alternative methods of instruction to reinforce academics while at home, and meals for those that may need them.

Further communications with the details will be coming to you over the next couple days .

We are maneuvering through unchartered territory, but we will persevere. The most important thing for all of us is to follow the recommendations and social distance to keep our students and loved ones safe. Our actions may also help prevent our health care system from being more overwhelmed.

We appreciate all of you for your understanding and cooperation. Take good care.

Dr. Lori VanLeer
Superintendent of Schools

Coronavirus Update