Re-Entry Overview Questions and Answers

Re-Entry Overview

School District of Washington

Re-Entry Overview 2020-21

Questions and Answers

Q: The final decision on school is being made after the e-learning is closed. Do we still have to register even if we are hoping for scenario 1?

A: You should register if you're not comfortable in Scenario 1, 2 or 3. The registration process allows us to determine the level of interest in order to plan for staffing and scheduling.

Q: If I enroll my first grader for e-learning, can I change my mind depending on the decision on Aug. 10?

A: The enrollment for Parent Choice E-Learning is necessary so we can determine the staff needed to deliver the program. If you have interest, please register. If the decisions made on Aug. 10 cause you to change your mind, we will deal with those situations on a 1 on 1 basis.

Q: The four listed scenarios are how the school will operate going in to the 20-21 year. What scenario they operate at is subject to chance based on healthcare advice. One week might be Scenario 1 and the next two might have to be Scenario 2 before returning to Scenario 1. Regardless, Scenario 4 is open to all should you not fee the first three are adequate enough for your child’s health and safety.

A: You are correct in your interpretation. We're hoping not to make week to week decisions. However, the planning does provide us with the flexibility to do so.

Q: Are we allowed to Choose Scenario 4 after the registration date?

A: If the protocol details for Scenario 1 (green), 2 or 3 (yellow) don't work for you, then yes, you can opt into E-learning. We need early registration procedures for planning purposes (staffing and scheduling).

Q: Looks like even with Scenario 1, if you choose not to send your kids to school, you can choose e-learning?

A: Yes. That is correct.

Q: You are expecting all of these kids to keep up with you constantly changing their routine and knowing what it might be one week, but not the next?

A: We would try not to make weekly adjustments. We understand the difficulties, however we can't begin to predict the future and the planning has been complex. Thank you for your understanding.

Q: Will the e-learning consist of the teachers on the computer like a real classroom or just be the kids having to do their work like the end of school year was. I'm all for the e-learning as long as it’s going be taught like an actual classroom with real teaching. If not, I would prefer my kids to go to school.

A: Please read the information regarding e-learning expectations. There are some significant changes since last spring.

Q: How will the school provide technology (internet and computers) for the students that do not already have access to those things?

A: The SDOW will be 1:1. All students will have a device including grades K-2. Grades 3-4 will have computers from their classrooms. Grades 5-12 were already 1:1 for educational take home and school use. More information will be forthcoming. We understand this is a difficult situation. We are doing our best to prepare for everything.

Q: In the Campbellton area we have Satellite Internet Service which is very unreliable. I am worried about my students getting behind if they are not able to access the on-line lessons should the district have to go all virtual.

A: Should the district have to go all virtual, packets will be distributed to students who are unable to access the internet.

Q: If my student starts the school year in face to face classes at school and then I, as a parent, want to pull them and enroll them into at E-Leaning from Home, may I do so at any time?

A: Yes. The only stipulation is that the student will have to finish the semester with E-learning from Home.

Q: My child has asthma. Does my child have to wear a mask?

A: Should the district require students to wear masks, your doctor should include face covering requirements in your child's Medical Care Plan that is required for all students with a medical condition.

Q: I have three biological children and three nieces in which I am the legal guardian living in my home. They have different last names. I would like my family to follow one schedule regardless of their last name.

A: The schedule for your family will follow the schedule which matches the last name of your oldest child.

Q: So if parents choose Scenario 2, are laptops provided if parents are willing to pay the deposit requirements?

A: Parent Choice is the E-learning option. The District dictates when we are in green (in-person) or yellow (hybrid) model. Red is if the situation calls for everyone to go e-learning due to absenteeism, community transmission and the health department advises us to close, or a state order. The Parent Choice E-learning is your option if you are not comfortable in green or yellow.

Q: What are they planning with the kids enrolled at Four Rivers Career Center?

A: We are working with the Director of FRCC and the sending superintendents from other districts to determine the schedule at FRCC. These details will come out on July 30 with the Complete Return to School Plan. We are now simply providing the overview.

Q: So you can bounce kids back and forth between in school and e-learning and expect employers to understand the back and forth. I’m sorry people don't have that kind of sick time or can manage to take off for your flip flopping.

A: It is our desire to keep our staff healthy so they can best serve your students.

Q: If it goes to E-learning, I see a lot of trouble. I see parents becoming good friends with the teachers so they can send their child to the teachers’ house to get their learning done and parents can still work.

A: It is not our desire to create trouble. We are following guidance and preparing for all scenarios in order to safely move forward.

Q: If kids are E-Learning, will a parent have to be home?

A: Not necessarily. Depends on your learner, their grade, and your comfort level.

Q: I would like to know the procedure if a staff member or student ends up being positive. What will happen at that point?

A: We will follow the quarantining and testing protocols, along with the return to work/school criteria as established by our local health department. This information will be forthcoming.

Q: If we choose the E-learning option for my 10th grader and then you don’t offer her honors classes online, do we have the option to then choose to send her in person? If we enroll our two 5th graders in online option then see what type of school environment will be offered in person as decided by you on Aug 10th. Are we able to change our mind and then choose in person?

A: The answer to both of your questions is yes. As for your 10th grade student, it is highly likely we will be able to offer her honors courses either through us or an external program, but if, for some reason, we can’t, you can send her to school as long as you make your decision before school starts. We will have a window within about a week before school starts during which we will confirm selections that were made.
Once our plan is out on Aug. 10th, you can opt to send your fifth grade students, as well.
Please go ahead and register all three students for E-learning from Home, knowing you will have the option to change your mind before starting school.

Q: If I am comfortable with a hybrid model and masks, but not comfortable with scenario 1, would you rather us enroll now and opt out later or not enroll and opt in after the decision is made? I just want to proceed in a way that is most convenient for the district.

A: Enroll now. The registration form allows you to stipulate your feelings regarding the above hybrid or in-person scenario.

Q: I'm sorry, but I don't agree with all of this. If the children choose to do e-learning, they aren't allowed to participate in sports? How is that fair? Why are the kids being punished for staying home and being home-schooled?

A: Although we ask parents and students to consider their reasoning for choosing to go exclusively online (Parent Choice: E-Learning from Home) as it relates to COVID-19 and determine if the same concerns materialize for them with extra-curricular activities, we will follow Board policy and the corresponding Administrative Procedure IGD-AP(3). The procedure states students may participate as long as:

1. Enrolling in, attending and completing the requisite number of courses required by MSHSAA and the district;

2. Earning adequate grades; and

3. Meeting MSHSAA and district eligibility requirements including, but not limited to, the requirements in procedure IGD-AP (3).

A detailed and comprehensive document regarding our Return to School Plan will be published soon. A decision regarding how the District will start on August 24 will be made on August 10.