Return to School Plan Questions and Answers

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Return to School Plan
Questions and Answers

Q: If we choose e-learning, or if the district goes to e-learning, are chromebooks/laptops going to be provided to ensure the students have a reliable device?

A: Yes, we will be 1:1 in grades K-12. More information coming soon on that.

Q: I was wondering how the red or yellow work with full-time working parents? I cannot tell my 6th grader to make sure her younger siblings are online for class at a certain time nor should I have to. Will there be a way that we can connect in the evenings with teacher or watch the zoom by recording? I can’t be the only one with this issue. Not at all upset at the district just curious if they thought of this scenario and how it will be addressed.

A: We recognize that this is a concern. If the Parent Choice program reduces our class sizes enough, we may choose to prioritize K-6 and only move to the hybrid at the 7-12th grade level. Elementary students have far fewer transitions, and spend the majority of time within their classrooms. However, if we believe we can't social distance to the extent necessary to best keep students and the teacher safe, we may use the hybrid K-12. This is a difficult situation for everyone. Please keep in mind that if the teacher were to test positive or a student in the classroom, it is highly likely that the entire class would be quarantined. In this case, the students and the teacher would be home monitoring for symptom for up to 14 days (or as the health department advises). We are trying to reduce the risks with good decisions and remain in some level of in-person learning. If students do not have access to internet or connectivity is a problem, we will try to rectify it. If it can't be rectified, then we will download the materials for independent practice, research, readings, and other instructional documents. We all have to work together and do the best we can.

Q: In your hybrid model there are 2 scenarios. One where the elementary schools go 5 days and secondary schools go 2 the other is both go in person 2 days. My question is, which scenario should I plan for because both of my kids are in elementary school.

A: Plan for Scenario 3 just in case. Which means your elementary students would be in yellow, scenario 3, attending in-person in Group A (last names A-K). If we shift to scenario 2 or start there, then your kids are in school every day and you don't have to plan for anything.

Q: If a child in my kid’s classroom tests positive, do I have to get my child tested even if they have no symptoms? Just checking from what I read. I would hope we wouldn’t be forced to test our healthy children.

A: If your child is in a classroom where a student has tested positive, the school will work as directed by the health department to contact trace (determine who was within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes). At that point, those that were deemed in close contact would be quarantined. It is highly unlikely that in the absence of symptoms that a test would be required although possibly recommended. It is our understanding that you would be contacted by the health department.

Q: This is going to be really hard for parents to work if our kids constantly have to be quarantined because they may get sick. I totally understand if they are sick, but how can we all not lose our jobs if every time someone in their class is sick they have to stay home to?

A: We understand your frustration. As you know, we typically highly encourage attendance, and under normal circumstances, track it daily. We will continue to value attendance in class, no matter what model we are in. However, global pandemics generate different rules we have to follow. This is unfortunate for everyone, but we will all do the best we can.

Q: Are there substitute teachers to cover that many quarantines for teachers?

A: Finding subs is challenging under normal circumstances. So, this is a concern going forward. This is one of the main reasons why we are considering the hybrid, because it reduces class size and thus risk. Keeping the staff healthy is critical because delivery of any type of instruction will be compromised if we don't.

Q: If we start out with green and then go to yellow, do we have the choice to sign up for red?

A: We suggest that if you are not comfortable with hybrid, that you please register for Parent Choice: E-Learning now. In order for us to plan curriculum, customize coursework, and properly staff the program, we need to know the enrollment. The program is a semester commitment.

Q: If we choose e-learning, can we back out and do hybrid?

A: We recommend you enroll in the Parent Choice: E-Learning. If you change your mind upon the August 10th final decision, even though you've been advised to initially plan for the hybrid model, you may do so as long as it is before August 19. We need to plan for staffing and resources based on registrations.
Also note that it is very likely, whether at the beginning of the year or at some point thereafter, that a hybrid or remote schedule will need to be implemented. We ask parents to initially plan for the hybrid model.

Q: If there is a positive case within a school, will that school be closed temporarily? I couldn’t find that scenario in the plan.

A: No, not necessarily. It is based on "close contact." Close contact is considered to be within 6 feet for more than 15 minutes. We may see groups of students quarantined after contact tracing, but not necessarily the entire school. This is why contact tracing is important to do quickly. We are seeing health departments close buildings for up to 10 days if 5% of the overall population in the school is COVID-19 positive for one day, 4% over two days or 3% over three days. However, the guidance here may change.

Q: What about middle schoolers? When will we know what group they’re in and what days they’ll go to school? My daughter is coming from the tiny Labadie Elementary school, and due to covid she wasn’t able to tour the middle school at the end of last school year. Will there be an open house before school starts?

A: Secondary school is 7-12th grade. The entire administrative team meets on Monday and Tuesday. Building principals will align building protocols to the Comprehensive Plan. They will then begin communicating with parents about specific things that pertain to their buildings and your students. That will include drop off and pick up procedures, open house plans, changes in procedures for lunch, scheduling, etc. We appreciate your patience. There has been a great amount of work occurring in a short amount of time, and that will continue until the first day of school.

Q: Will there not be a supply drop off this year?

A: This information will be communicated by building principals after building protocols are aligned to the District's comprehensive plan.

Q: Does this include the Early Learning Center?

A: Due to the uniqueness of the programs under the ELC roof, Dr. Hellebush will communicate directly with her parents later next week. The administrative team will be meeting on Monday and Tuesday to align building plans to this comprehensive plan more closely.