SDOW COVID-19 Timeline

*Started school year (August 24) in full hybrid model grades K-12; two days in person, one day Zoom meetings, two days E-Learning. Group A students (Last name A-K) would attend in-person on Monday and Tuesday, Zoom meetings on Wednesday, and Group B students (Last name L-Z) would attend in-person on Thursday and Friday.

*The Board of Education approved starting on September 28 transitioning from Hybrid K-12 to Hybrid 7-12, meaning secondary grades 7-12 would remain in the hybrid model and grades K-6 would return to five days in person.

*The Board of Education approved starting on October 26 that the Hybrid 7-12 model would be adjusted to alternate days, meaning that Wednesday Zoom meetings would be eliminated and the schedule would pivot to an alternating 3/2 hybrid schedule. Each school day alternates from A day to B day in succession.