Ella Scott School Board Student Adviser

Ella Scott Takes Over as Board of Education's Student Adviser
Posted on 02/02/2021
Ella ScottElla Scott, a junior at Washington High School, is the new student adviser for the School District of Washington’s Board of Education.

Scott will be sworn in during the February 24 meeting.

Scott replaces Kaleb Burr as the student adviser to the Board. The terms are for one year.

“I am incredibly excited to have been elected to the Student Board Representative position. I hope to accurately represent the needs of the students at Washington High School and the District as a whole,” Scott said. “While there is much to gain in a position like this, I believe it will strengthen my public speaking skills, professionalism, and give me insight as to how decisions are made within the District.”

Ella is highly involved with different clubs and groups at Washington High School, including National Honor Society, Student Council, Link Crew, Book Club, Theatre Guild (Publicity Officer this year), and Orchestra, where currently she is one of the violin section leaders. She was the Sophomore Class President last year and currently is the Junior Class Co-President.

“Currently, I'm enjoying my AP U.S. History class. Since starting high school, history and government have been interesting to me. I'm grateful for the higher level social study classes that ultimately increase my knowledge of the world I'm living in,” Scott said. “Some of my interests include theater, orchestra and reading. I also love learning and being social, so I typically enjoy going to school. It's wonderful that I'm able to be involved at school while also doing things that I enjoy.

“The best part about attending Washington High School, for me, is that I've been very lucky to be a part of groups with an excellent sense of community. I'm able to participate in things that I love, while also being able to be with my friends. In addition, whether it be Student Council's Relay for Life or a theater production, the outcome of hard work is very rewarding.”

The student adviser is expected to attend all regular board meetings, give student adviser reports, and may be asked to report on particular issues. The adviser also is expected to communicate with students throughout the district on a regular basis.

The student adviser does not sit in on executive sessions or is privy to any confidential information.

Ella is the daughter of John and Sarah Scott.

Ella Scott
Ella Scott