Community and Mental Health Resources

Welcome to the School District of Washington Community and Mental Health Resource page. If you need additional resource information, please reach out to your school counselor or the district social and service workers. Click here for the PDF version of the Community and Mental Health Resources page or scanthe QR code below. Here is a list of school counselors and social and service workers in the district:

Mental Health QR Code

Director of Social Emotional Learning:
Rachael Wilcox, [email protected]

District Service Worker:
Kathy Emmert, [email protected]

District Social Worker:
Lindsey Jasper, [email protected]

Augusta Elementary:
Jamie Knight, [email protected]

Campbellton Elementary:
Stacey Binder, [email protected]

Clearview Elementary:
Monica Moore, [email protected]

Labadie Elementary:
Cheryl Pecka, [email protected]

Marthasville Elementary:
Robyn Busekrus, [email protected]

South Point Elementary:
Dr. Heather Clark, [email protected]
Jodi Fortner, [email protected]

Washington West Elementary:
Jill Mahon, [email protected]
Aubrey Holt, [email protected]

Washington Middle School:
Tracy Helm, [email protected]
Shelly Struckhoff, [email protected]

Washington High School:
Kathryn Sandoval, [email protected]
Bradley Kuntzman, [email protected]
Makenzie Ellis, [email protected]
Manuela Schmitt, [email protected] 
Theresa McGowan, [email protected]