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Make a Difference, Be a Volunteer!

Dear Volunteer:

Volunteers are an important component of the learning environment. We recognize these efforts play a huge role in the success of our students. We encourage those who volunteer to continue these efforts and others who wish to begin service to pursue this idea.

For the safety of our students, all volunteers are subject to a criminal background check in the same manner as our employees. Information regarding the criminal background check can be obtained by accessing our online policy manual. Policy IICC and GBEBC outline these regulations. The volunteer will need to be prepared to pay for their background check. Information regarding this is provided within our application process.

If you are interested in volunteering, please submit a volunteer application utilizing the link provided on this site. Applications will be processed in the order received.

Upon approval, volunteer badges will be sent to each school in which you have applied. Upon entering the school building for volunteer service, please see the main office personnel to sign in and pick up your badge. Upon leaving, volunteers must sign out and leave their badge. Volunteers for Athletics or the Activities Department should wear their badges onsite and/or at events in which they volunteer.

The District may decline the offer of any volunteer for legal reason. All information collected on volunteers will be considered confidential to the extent allowed by law and will only be used to protect the students or minimize disruption to the educational environment.

We appreciate your efforts in ensuring that our schools are a safe place for kids to learn and grow. Should there be any questions, please contact the Personnel and Support Services Department at 636-231-2020. I sincerely thank you for your support of our District.

Best Regards,

Dr. Rachael Franssen
Assistant Superintendent
Personnel and Support Services