Julie Meyer - Teacher Proud Highlight

Julie Meyer - School District of Washington Teacher Proud Highlight
Posted on 05/14/2024
Julie Meyer - Teacher Proud HighlightThe School District of Washington is excited to take part in the “STL Teacher Proud” campaign, put on by Education Plus, as an effort to highlight the amazing teachers who choose to serve the St. Louis community and inspire others to join the noble profession of teaching. On the second Tuesday of each month, we’ll highlight a SDOW teacher who chooses to make a difference every day.

Teacher Proud Tuesday – Julie Meyer, Language Arts Lab Teacher, Marthasville Elementary and Augusta Elementary.

Julie Meyer is the Language Arts Lab teacher at Marthasville Elementary and Augusta Elementary. She is in her 21st year of teaching, 19th in the School District of Washington. She has taught at Washington West, Campbellton, Clearview, Augusta and Marthasville. Meyer is a member of Marthasville's Building Leadership Team, MTSS, PSTs, and the Master Schedule Team. She also volunteers at her daughters' school on the board and is co-chair on the dinner auction committee.

Meyer loves being able to work in the community she lives.

"Washington and all of the surrounding communities, both big and small, are great places to live and work. There are so many caring people where we live,” Meyer said. “The best part of my job is being with kids and having the opportunity to experience growth with them, and not just academic growth. I love hearing about their accomplishments and interests outside of school. I love walking down the hall and getting high fives, elbow bumps, smiles and hugs. Not every profession gets to enjoy that. All of the schools I've worked in have felt warm and welcoming to me because of the students and staff that are a part of the school. Plus, being a reading specialist is my passion. There is always so much to learn and so many ways to grow as an educator. The best part is celebrating all of the small ways my students grow as readers. Each child learns differently, and I enjoy the challenge of finding what will help them make growth and feel confident as a reader."

“Julie is a valued member of our school family. Our students and staff adore her. She is kind, helpful, and always advocates for our students to have quality reading instruction and interventions,” said Marthasville Elementary Principal Kristen Daffron. “Julie makes our school a better place. Students look forward to spending time in her classroom and get excited to reach their independent reading goals. Her classroom is a safe space for children to learn and grow. Julie shares her knowledge and resources with Marthasville staff and supports our teachers in improving their reading instruction. I am so proud to be Julie's principal.”

Julie Meyer - Teacher Proud Highlight