Clearview Elementary Spelling Bee

Clearview Elementary Spelling Bee
Posted on 03/13/2020
Clearview Elementary Spelling BeeClearview Elementary School held its spelling bee for students in grades four through six on Thursday, March 12.

Principal Dr. Matt Busekrus served as the moderator for the spelling bee, which took place in the gymnasium with fourth-, fifth- and sixth-grade students and teachers looking on.

Gavin Krimmel, a sixth-grade student, was the winner of the spelling bee. Evelyn Pape, a fifth-grade student, was the runner-up.

Other participants were Isaac Eckelkamp, Colter Stone, Eva Lohmeyer, Alessandra Ayala Hernandez, Aubri Wagner, Caden Brocato, Lane Gerling, Devin Adkins, Bryn Allen, Kensley Guss, Miles Grimes, Max Shaw, Natalie Honzalek, and Alexcia Crabtree.

Krimmel will represent Clearview Elementary at the Washington Missourian Regional Spelling Bee at East Central College.

Clearview Spelling Bee
Gavin Krimmel, right, was the winner of the Clearview Elementary spelling bee. Evelyn Pape, left, was the runner-up.