Requests for Proposals

Request for Proposals

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Bidding Process

Seeking Bid Requests

We welcome all vendors and businesses to submit a sealed bid. You will need to review the specifications for the product or service requested.

The specifications describe the physical, technical, or functional characteristics, or the nature of a product, service or construction item. They also usually include a description of requirements such as inspecting, testing, or preparing a product, service or construction item for delivery. They also may include provisions that govern various aspects of the relationship of parties under the contract.

If you wish to respond to an invitation for sealed bids, you must obtain a copy of the detailed specifications and a bid form. It will also state the location where bids must be received, the time by which bids must be submitted. Any bid received after the time specified cannot be considered.

Submitted bids are opened at a designated public session. The time and place are indicated in the specifications. In addition to the price in the bid, other aspects of your business may be taken into consideration.