Missouri Learning Standards

About the Missouri Learning Standards

The Missouri Learning Standards define the knowledge and skills students need in each grade level and course for success in college, other post-secondary training and careers.

The Missouri Learning Standards:
. Establish consistent learning goals for all students.
. Provide a clear road map of academic expectations at each grade level.
. Prepare students for post-secondary education and a globally competitive workforce.
. Were designed to be academically rigorous, attainable for students and practical for teachers and districts.

For more information, please visit the Missouri Learning Standards website.

English Language Arts Standards

Shifts in the new English language arts standards include:

  • Building knowledge through content-rich nonfiction and information texts, in addition to literature.
  • Reading and writing grounded in evidence from the text.
  • Regular practice with complex text and its academic vocabulary.

Math Standards

Shifts in the new math standards include:

  • Focus: deeper learning in two to four areas at each grade level.
  • Coherence: concepts logically connected to other major topics at each grade level.
  • Rigor: fluency, application and a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.