Fighting Hunger and Fueling Minds

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What is Washington’s Food Backpack Program?

Fighting Hunger & Fueling Minds is a food backpack program serving students who face food insecurities during the weekend. Students enrolled in our program receive a bag of shelf stable food every Friday, during the school year.  

About Fighting Hunger & Fueling Minds

Fighting Hunger & Fueling Minds food backpack program began in February, 2013.  Our program serves students facing food insecurities during the weekend. FHFM is based on collaboration between the School District of Washington and Loving Hearts Outreach. This collaboration, along with the support of volunteers from civic organizations, churches and individual volunteers, allows FHFM to operate and support children in need of food for the weekend. Our program also provides an important community connection for our students enrolled in Missouri Options, an alternative education program, at the School District of Washington. Our students participating in Missouri Options pack the food bags each week, along with additional volunteering at Loving Hearts Outreach. Our community volunteers then transport the food bags to SDOW schools. Schools distribute the food bags to their students to take home on Friday. 

How Does the Program Work?

Any student in the School District of Washington can receive a bag of food.  There are no requirements to enroll in the program. Students, teachers, staff and parents/guardians can refer a student to the program.  

Once a student is enrolled in the program, they begin receiving a bag of food each Friday. Fighting Hunger & Fueling Minds provides bags of food to the Early Learning Center, Augusta Elementary, Campbellton Elementary, Clearview Elementary, Marthasville Elementary, South Point Elementary, Washington West Elementary, Washington Middle and Washington High Schools.

What is Inside a Food Bag?

Each food bag contains the following items, based on availability:

1 Box Macaroni & Cheese

2 Packages Ramen Noodles

1 Canned Pasta

1 Can Soup

1 Can Tuna/Chicken 

1 Can Vegetable

1 Sleeve Crackers

2 Container (or 1 can) Fruit

2 Individual Packages/Sleeves Oatmeal

2 Granola Bars

How is Fighting Hunger & Fueling Minds Funded?

Fighting Hunger & Fueling Minds is funded solely by community and individual donations, food-drives and community grants. The cost of Fighting Hunger & Fueling Minds varies from year to year due to changes in the cost of food, donations and where food items are purchased.  Currently, one food bag costs about $6-7 and we serve about 90-100 students per week. We estimate a yearly program cost of $20,000- $26,000. This cost estimation reflects the purchase cost of all food.  

How Can I Volunteer or Donate to Fighting Hunger & Fueling Minds, Food Backpack Program? 

Fighting Hunger & Fueling Minds cannot run without the help of our community volunteers. Here are a few important volunteer opportunities:

*Deliver food bags once a month (students load the vehicle and school staff unload the vehicle).

*Host a food-drive (see our list of needed food items above).

*Host a fundraiser.

*Financial donation (Checks made to: Fighting Hunger & Fueling Minds.)

DONATE HERE- Click this link to make a financial donation