Horizons Academy

Horizons Academy

The School District of Washington introduced the Horizons Academy beginning the summer of 2021 and into the 2021-22 school year.

Horizons Academy is a Pathway to Employment Program located at Four Rivers Career Center. This foundational class is offered to exceptional students with a variety of educational barriers in order to focus on an integrated career and technical education curriculum.

School District of Washington Director of Special Services Wendy Turnbough spearheaded the program.

The goal of the program is to provide transformative learning experiences engaging students in a hands-on classroom environment and empowering students to develop skills they need to thrive as they transition from post-secondary education into the community’s workforce, whether it be supported employment or independent employment.

“All students deserve the opportunity to be empowered with the skills to be successful on their road after high school. Horizons Academy will emphasize student strengths, which in turn allows them to find their purpose in life,” Turnbough said. “After collaborating with various business leaders and listening to the needs within our Washington community, the need to expand the Pathways to Employment Program to Four Rivers Career Center was the next logical step. The countless opportunities that will develop from the Horizons Academy will only be a positive result for our students and community.”

The inclusive curriculum taught through the Horizons Academy will include both career skill sets and workplace soft skill development. The attention will be on workforce development as students learn safety, task analysis, and operational procedures. The students will also discover the interpersonal skills necessary to prepare for employment; which may include independent living, communicational skills, and emotional regulation.
Stacey Siefken, Instructor

Tina Hoeft, Instructor