Middle School

Middle School Challenge Curriculum

Gifted intervention at Washington Middle School is based on Missouri standards to ensure students:

  • Acquire the knowledge and skills to gather, analyze, and apply complex informational and transformational ideas with greater independence across content areas.
  • Acquire the problem-solving skills to recognize and solve in-depth, open-ended and abstract problems across content areas.
  • Gain and transfer in-depth affective insight in order to communicate thoughtfully within and beyond the classroom.
  • Develop and apply complex decision-making skills.
  • Act as responsible members of society within and beyond the classroom.

All gifted courses focus on interdisciplinary curriculum, with special attention in science, social studies and language arts. Conceptual units are based on authentic and differentiated experiences in the gifted classroom. Units are fashioned for a wide spectrum of learning styles and preferences.

Middle School Challenge Structure

All middle school gifted students meet daily as part of a traditional school day. Seventh-grade students take a challenge language arts course and all gifted students have the option to take a challenge elective in addition to general curriculum requirements.

Middle School Challenge Staff

Amber Strickland
(636) 231-2300 ex.8979 Challenge