Staff Opening Ceremony

Opening Ceremony Held for SDOW Staff
Posted on 08/14/2018
WHS DrumlineThe School District of Washington held its opening ceremony for all staff members Monday, Aug. 13, at the C.J. Burger Theater at Washington High School.

Students return to the classroom for the 2018-19 school year on Wednesday, Aug. 15.

Superintendent Dr. Lori VanLeer gave her annual back to school message to the staff. The theme stressed to the staff was to never underestimate the power of your influence.

Board of Education Vice President John Freitag also addressed the staff.

Performing were the Washington High School Jaywalkers Dance team, Cheerleaders, and the Drumline.

Also speaking were Brad Mitchell on behalf of WINGS Educational Foundation and South Point Elementary Principal Aimee Harty on behalf of the United Way.

The WINGS Educational Foundation awarded its third STEAM Collaborative WINGS Grant.

The grant for $6,737 was awarded to Four Rivers Career Center in collaboration with Washington West and Campbellton elementary schools for the “BUILD Academy – Building Unique and Innovative Learning by Design.” The project will offer sixth-grade students a project-based learning experience to research, design, plan, construct, market and sell a product – dog houses.
STEAM Grant Winners
STEAM Grant Awarded
Front row, from left, are Lindsay Kober and Julie Strubberg from Washington West Elementary. Middle row, from left, are Annie Wieland from Four Rivers Career Center, Ashley Garrett from Washington West and Dawn Kitchell from WINGS. Back row, from left, are Andy Robinson from Four Rivers Career Center, LuAnn Engelbrecht from Campbellton Elementary and Becky Cox from WINGS. 
WHS Drumline
Washington High School Drumline
WHS Jaywalkers
Washington High School Jaywalkers
(Washington Missourian Photo)
WHS Cheerleaders
Washington High School Cheerleaders
(Washington Missourian Photo)