WINGS Early Bird Teacher Grants

WINGS Awards Jackie Krafft Early Bird Teacher Grants
Posted on 10/14/2019
WINGS Early Bird Teacher GrantsThe School District of Washington’s WINGS Foundation awarded 36 Jackie Krafft Early Bird teacher grants this fall (2019) totaling $7,068.

See the picture below of the 2019 Jackie Krafft Early Bird teacher grant recipients.

The teachers receiving the grant this fall, the school where they work and their program are as follows:

Adam Fischer, Washington High School, Baseroom Stress Relief Seating

Nichole Obermark, Clearview Elementary, The Mouse Trap

Tricia Bartle, Clearview Elementary, Daily Math Practice

Kerri Flynn, Washington High School, Making Connections to History

Amanda Nilges, Washington Middle School, Gateway to High School Reading

Colin Flynn, Washington High School, Breakout EDU for ELA

Amy O'Hanlon, South Point Elementary, 21st Century Morning Work

Sarah Burgess, Washington Middle School, Calming Sensory Items

Mandy Straatmann, Marthasville Elementary, Presentations

Danielle Snider, Washington Middle School, World Weaving

Kayla Bartel, Washington West Elementary, Let's Read

Stefanie Virgen, Washington Middle School, Make Them Comfortable: A Flexible, Trauma-Informed Classroom

Keli Schneider, Clearview Elementary, Transform & Engage

Stephanie Knight, South Point Elementary, Character Traits

Michelle Turner, Washington High School, Backgrounds

Lindsay Obermark, Washington West Elementary, Increasing Student Engagement

Julia McDonald, South Point Elementary, 21st Century Morning Work

Maggie Butler, South Point Elementary, Sound Equipment for Music Room

Monica Hiatt, Washington Middle School, You Can't Learn Without a Team

Jennifer Wirthwein, Washington Middle School, Tackling the Trumans

Ann Loesing, Washington High School, Siganlos Leyendo-Keep them Reading

Kim Fleer, Augusta Elementary, Building Deeper Understanding Through Mentor Text

Glenda Leslie, Washington West Elementary, Ron Clark Academy House System

Sara Bradshaw, Marthasville Elementary, Social Emotional Support Tools

Allison Graves, Washington High School, Using Primary Document to Explore Policy in the Middle East

Marie Dobson, Washington West Elementary, Fostering a Love of Reading

Jennifer Pecka, Labadie Elementary, Light It Up!

Melissa Golder, Labadie Elementary, 24 Published Poets

Kayla Reckert, Augusta Elementary, Second Grade Maker Space

Mary Glosemeyer, Early Learning Center, Marble Works

Makenzie Ellis, Washington Middle School, Empowering Students with Choice

Sarah Bayless, Augusta Elementary and Marthasville Elementary, STEAM Games and Activities for the Art Room

Ashley Strong, Early Learning Center, Promoting the Development of Skills & Engagement Within the Classroom

Ashley Pratt, Early Learning Center, Clay Work

Abby Kipp, Washington High School, Life Skills and Cocoa Café Organization

Stephanie Albert, Clearview Elementary and Campbellton Elementary, Cardboard Sculpture Studios.

WINGS Early Bird Teacher Grants
WINGS Early Bird Teacher Grant Recipients