Clearview Leadership Program

New Leadership Program Developed at Clearview Elementary
Posted on 09/27/2018
Clearview Leadership ProgramA New Student Leadership Program has been developed this school year at Clearview Elementary.

Much of the project was spearheaded by Clearview Elementary Counselor Cheryl Spratt and Secretary Michelle Rice, with the help of Principal Dr. Matt Busekrus.

The goal is to incorporate the Student Council and the Student Leadership teams together to make one organization, and involve every student at Clearview.

Students are divided and placed into different teams within the Student Leadership Program.

“This is an entire school effort,” Spratt said. “By involving all of the students and giving them a voice will help them feel more connected to the school. They will be able to take ownership in improving the school in different ways and let kids know they have a voice, and we want to hear it. It will also assist in creating leaders who are excellent role models, who encourage others to do the same.”

Spratt has done a similar project at another school she worked in the past.

“We saw kids feel more positive about school and it gave them a purpose to be there,” she said. “We saw behavior kids reduce their acting out episodes and those students who are more shy or introverted were able to shine.”

The Clearview students had the opportunity to pick the team they wanted to be on. In some cases, they may have gotten their second or third choice, but they still were given one of their choices.

“When I presented this to the staff and students, there was nothing but positive comments,” Spratt said. “We heard many positive comments from our parents as well.”

The photos below are from team meetings on Friday, Sept. 21.

“We were pleased with our first meetings of the School Wide Leadership Team. Every student got the opportunity to participate in a group that makes a positive contribution to our school,” Busekrus said. “It was great to see the staff interact with students in varied grade levels. We believe this will help all students to feel part of our school community and build positive relationships with staff. We are looking forward to our next meeting in November.”

The teams in the Student Leadership Program are:

Safety Patrol (4-6 Grade)
The Safety Patrol works to keep students and staff safe in the hallways, near busses and at parent drop off and pick up.

Clearview Ambassadors (4-6 Grade)
Clearview Ambassadors present Clearview Elementary to new students and families. They give tours and welcome guests during school events. (Veterans Day, Assemblies, etc.)

Media Team (2-6 Grade)
The media team develops videos and takes photos of school events, and helps post them on our Facebook page and the Clearview website.

PBS Student Team (1-6 Grade)
The PBS Team (Positive Behavior Support) takes care of PBS displays around the building as well as decides what expectations should be focused on for videos the media team will make. THey can also teach PBS lessons or re-teach students that need help. This team will also count ROCK tickets and take the ROCK cart to each class at the end of the month so students can cash in their ROck tickets for special coupons.

Beautification Team (1-3 & 4-6 Grade)

The Beautification Team makes Clearview beautiful with murals, posters, flowers, and cleaning up our school. This can also include decorating the foyer for special holidays.

Appreciation Team (1-3 Grade)
The Appreciation Team honors birthdays and recognition days for all Clearview staff by creating cards, posters, and other ideas to honor staff. This can also be other people that help our school in any way.

Boys Club (1-3 & 4-6 Grade)
Through social activities, this group inspires Clearview guys to become respectful and confident leaders.

Girls Club (1-3 & 4-6 Grade)
Through social activities, this group inspires Clearview gals to become respectful and confident leaders.
Green Team (1-6 Grade)
The Green Team takes care of Clearview’s recycling projects and they can think of new ones to help our world.

Clearview Informants (1-6 Grade)
The Clearview Informants Team keeps Clearview families, staff, and students informed of upcoming events through monthly calendars, the office digital message board, Send out signup sheets for various activities, etc. This team would also be responsible for the creation of the newsletter. It would include interviews with Clearview staff, advertise school events and free community events.

Big Buddies (1-6 Grade)
The Big Buddies team will buddy up with K students to teach them a skill they need to learn and do projects.

Muscle and Tech Team (1-6 Grade)
The Muscle and Tech Team will set up, and take down any equipment needed for an assembly or production including chairs, sound system, etc.

Special Activities Team (2-6 Grade)
Planning and preparing all materials for special activities/assemblies. Ex- Red Ribbon Assembly, Veterans Day, Spirit Week, Manners Lunch, Lock In, etc.

Community Outreach Team (3-6 Grade)
Example: PB&J drive, United Way, Can Food Drive for Food Pantries, Relay for Life

Teacher Helper Team (3-6 Grade)
This team can cut out laminated things, sort, redo bulletin boards and do anything a teacher needs help with. We will ask teachers to submit work before each team day.

Tutoring Team (5-6 Grade)
This team will help younger students with math before school in Mrs. LaForest’s room. During team time she will prepare them to help the students without giving them the answer. It will include learning math games and strategies.

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