Parent-Child Self Screening Procedures

Parent-Child Daily Self Screening Procedures; School Nurse Algorithm
Posted on 10/29/2020
Parent-Child Self Screening ProceduresIn light of flu season's arrival, the School District of Washington is updating daily screening procedures for students.

Parents are required to screen their children for symptoms each morning. After assessing your child for symptoms, if they possess any of the symptoms below, keep your child home and contact your school nurse and your physician for further guidance as to what you should do.

*A fever of 100.0 or higher or a sense of having a fever

*A new cough that cannot be attributed to another health condition

*Shortness of breath or trouble breathing

*Loss of taste or smell

*Muscle aches or pain that cannot be attributed to another health condition

*A sore throat

*Chills or shaking not attributed to another health condition

*Congestion/runny nose

*Nausea or vomiting


*Extreme fatigue

*Exposure to a COVID-19 positive person

If your child develops any of these symptoms while at school, your school nurse will be following the School Nurse Algorithm developed by local health departments.

As school officials greet your students each morning, they may visually monitor their well-being and health. Students who are sick should not come to school. Our school nurses are trained in symptom assessment should we have the need to refer your child to the nurse during the school day. Please be prepared to pick your child up from school in a timely fashion if called to do so by the school nurse or other designated personnel.

We appreciate your assistance.

Parent-Child Self Screening
School Nurse Algorithm