WMS Adopt A Child Drive

WMS Students, Staff Participate in Adopt-A-Child Drive
Posted on 12/10/2018
Adopt-A-Child DriveParticipating in the Adopt-A-Child Drive,” staff and students at Washington Middle School “adopted” 15 children ages 5-14 in the Division of Family Services system and after raising money, were able to meet the requests and needs of all 15 children.

The school had well over 200 gifts wrapped and ready to go when representatives from the Division of Family Services picked them up on Friday, Dec. 7. See the picture below.

Students could bring in gifts or bring in money and groups of students and teachers would go shopping for them. One generous student on the 8 Blue Team donated $350. Each child had anywhere from 10-14 gifts donated for them from the students and staff members in the building.

The drive was organized by WMS staff members Amanda Nilges and Dana Brinker, along with School Resource Officer Mindy Schmelz.

“We know that we work in a great building, but it amazes us each year to see just how kind the students and staff of WMS can be. Kids were so eager and excited to bring in special gifts that matched the interests of each child that we adopted,” Brinker said.

Some teams raised money and others collected gifts,” Nilges added. “Our team took students shopping and they got to hand-select the gifts they wanted to give. Their excitement and thoughtfulness was incredible.”

‚ÄčWMS Adopt-A-Child Drive