Superintendent 100 Day Report

Dr. Jennifer Kephart, School District of Washington Superintendent, reached 100 days in her new role in mid-November of 2021.

Kephart already has been able to build relationships with leaders, teachers, staff, parents, and the community during her time as superintendent.

Through Kephart’s transition to the District and since the official beginning of her tenure as superintendent on July 1, 2021, she has focused on the following goals:

● Ensure a seamless transition while building a productive and collaborative relationship with the Board of Education, the community, district staff, and students.

● Deepen learning on the history, current focus, and future needs of the District in order to gain insight into its strengths, challenges, and areas of improvement so we can best serve students.

● Learn how the District’s initiatives and priorities are being implemented by the District’s dedicated staff.

● Learn about the values, norms, and expectations of the supportive community to best serve students.

● Gain a better appreciation of how the District’s initiatives and priorities are publicized and understood in the community.

● Energize all those with a stake in the outcomes of our schools in support of our shared vision, mission, values, and strategic plan.

The following 100-Day Report highlights the many interactions, meetings, and events as well as Kephart’s own analysis of the District’s achievement, student demographics, and other data sets.

Click here for Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Kephart’s 100 Day Report.