If you have technology items in your room or office that you no longer need, here's what you need to do to get it removed:

Step 1:
Click the link below to download and print the Surplus Request Form.  You will need one physical copy of this form for each item you want to have taken to surplus.
Surplus Technology Request Form

Step 2:
Enter a HelpDesk-IncidentIQ ticket with the subject line of "Surplus Equipment."  This ticket should list a description of the equipment.  If you have more than one item, they can be combined onto one HelpDesk-IncidentIQ ticket.  Access the HelpDesk-IncidentIQ HERE.

Step 3:
Attach the completed Surplus Technology Form to each surplus item you would like removed.

Step 4:
Keep the items in your room until it is picked up by either Technology staff or Buildings and Grounds.  NOTE: Buildings and Grounds staff will not pick up surplus items that have not been approved by Technology