Technology Services

Technology and Learning Center
4245 Highway 47
Washington, MO 63090

The Technology Services Department provides district-wide support for the purchasing, maintenance, help and user training for all computers, copiers, phones, hardware and software used within our district by both employees and students.


The technology mission of the School District of Washington is to educate and support all students and staff by utilizing current technology and instructional practices to promote student achievement.

We Believe:

  • Students need to be able to use a wide variety of technological tools to enhance their future success as students and workers.
  • Students must have access to information via technology as a basis for lifelong learning.
  • It is essential for all learners, including educators, to process and manage information through the skillful use of technology.
  • Skillful use of technology supports the development of problem solving, critical thinking, and collaboration skills that are essential to success in our ever-changing information age.
  • Networked technology systems permit efficient and effective communications within and outside the district.
  • Technology allows educators to better serve the diverse learning styles of our students.