Teacher Grants

Bade Grant 2023

Your Donations at Work!

The WINGS Educational Foundation has been awarding Teacher Grants since 1992. Originally, all grants were for $100 to assist teachers with enhancing instructional activities in their classrooms. Through donations and fundraising, WINGS has expanded the number of available grants as well as increase the value of the grants. Jackie Krafft Early Bird Grants are awarded in the Fall, maximum amount awarded per grant is $250.00.  Spring Grants, awarded in April, maximum amount awarded per grant is $5,000.00.  In 2023, WINGS awarded 21 Spring grants totaling $36,000 and 22 Early Bird Grants for a total of $4,400. 
To date, WINGS has awarded 1,282 grants, totaling $764,000, to School District of Washington educators.

Attention Grant Recipients

Within one year of receiving a grant, recipients must complete the following Evaluation Form to be eligible for future grants.

Click here to download the required Evaluation Form

Grant Application Process
Teachers may apply for grants individually or as a group. Please see the chart below for the list of grant opportunities and application deadlines.

Grant Opportunity
Amount Application Deadline
Jackie Krafft Early Bird & Larry Tobben Fine Arts Early Bird Grants Up to $250 September 21, 2023
WINGS Educator Grant Up to $5,000 April 4, 2024

Please click on the grant below to download an application form. 

Jackie Krafft Early Bird and Larry Tobben Fine Arts Grant Application (Google Form)

Click Here for Spring 2024 Grants


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