Student Transfer Requests

Guidelines for Student Transfer Requests

The School District of Washington will attempt to accommodate parent requests to transfer elementary students within our district. Decisions will be based upon the Board of Education policy on student transfers (FILE: IHB-AP BASIC). Transfer requests for the 2021-22 school year will be processed according to the timeline below.

Student Transfer Request Letter and Procedures

Student Transfer Request Form

Classroom Enrollment Standards

Grade Level Enrollment Standard
K-2 17 Students
3-4 20 Students
5-6 22 Students

Administrative Guidelines

After district enrollment has been finalized, additional transfers will be approved if class size allows. Class size guidelines may be altered by the Superintendent of Schools as needed.Parents are required to provide transportation for transfer students.

Student Transfer Timeline

February 25, 2021 — Copies of transfer procedures and transfer forms will be available to elementary parents upon request. Completed requests must be turned in to your school office. Requests will be accepted beginning on March 29, 2021. The secretary will date and time stamp each request as it comes in.

Following Open Enrollment at the End of Summer — Requests will be processed and transfers granted based upon current enrollment and class size guidelines. Please understand that all requests cannot be granted. Transfers will be approved up to within two students of desired level (see chart below; therefore 15 students in grade K-2,18 students in grades 3-4, and 20 students in grades 5-6).  Once enrollment of a particular class reaches two students within desired level, class will be closed for further transfers until the end of the first week in August to allow for more accurate enrollment numbers due to resident school summer enrollees.

August 6, 2021— Requests will be processed and transfers granted based upon enrollments numbers at both the requested school and the school of residence.